I’ve been working as a Web Developer since 2006, but I never had a time to start my own website. Well, until now. In my job almost every day I have to deal with some problems, bugs, I have to learn new APIs, read tones of documentations. Sometimes it happens to solve some problems, so I was thinking … why not to share this knowledge. So I decided, that each time, when it comes to get some solution, I’ll write a post here having also an archive for myself. Since I’m a Web Developer, I obviously use web scripting languages like PHP, Python, MySQL, Javascipt, css and finally HTML, and these are mostly going to appear on my blog in many deferent frameworks. Some newer like Symfony for PHP, Boostrap, JQuery (Javascipt), Less, Sass, PureCSS (css), some older and obsolete like CakePHP, Kohana or Zend. If you modify many pages, you will finally meet some of them.

I’m also a nerd by the way and I love astronomy and stuff. Well, no one is going to read this anyway, so I;m not going to write any smart things. Just use it well nerds.